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We’re Almost There!

There are a few things that still need to be hammered out on the site: 1. Podcast – I should have the podcast setup within the week. The biggest issue has been deciding on a hosting platform, as well as a more automated way to upload to iTunes. Using, we’ll have this ability, as well as RSS, Zune integration, etc. 2. Live Chat –  This will enable visitors to the site to chat with other visitors and myself. This will be great for open discussion and debate of the various topics that are brought up. 3. Guestbook – The guestbook will enable everyone to sign the site guestbook, and show their support. 4. Theme – WordPress uses templates called “themes”, as the basic outline of your blog. I like the one I have now, but will be looking at different ways to enhance it and make it better. Finally, I would like to ask for your help as well; if you feel that there’s something that could make this site better, or there’s something you’d like to see incorporated, please let me know. Thank you for your support. – Paine   Currently Reading: The 33 Strategies of War (again 🙂

Constitution is an ‘Anti-Evolutionary Device’
We the People......all of us folks

I really like what George Will says here. The verbiage used in The Constitution of the United States absolutely opens itself up to interpretation, however, this is only true for a a small portion of its content. Will points out “unreasonable search and seizure” as a great example of the need for interpretation. My issue lies with the constant “reinterpretation” of the U.S. Constitution. Let me ask you something; how can we have a government so incredibly large and encompassing of everyday life, when the duties and abilities of said government, is outlined in a single document? The Founders knew damn well what happens when too much authority and power is given to any single entity; one needs only look to the 20th century to find no less than 30 examples of this (and that’s only including “developed” nations). Americans really need to take to heart the essence of the Constitution; limited government, state’s rights, freedom for ALL (it took em a while to figure this one out), and just take ownership of YOUR country. That’s right, America is YOUR country, and you should be doing everything you can to ensure it’s taken care of. Anyway, as this is the first posting on the site, I want to thank you for your taking an interest, and I look forward to conversing and learning from you in the future!   – Paine